List of Concrete Preservation Alliance Members

Below is a list of all of the members that are a part of the Concrete Preservation Alliance. The purpose of the CPA is to advance the acceptance of good concrete repair and protection practices and to promote the preservation of concrete structures as a sustainable solution.


Aucor Tech Pte.Ltd was established on June 2007 in Singapore. Starting as a corrosion engineering company by providing one-stop corrosion services to our valued clients. The company expanded its business and currently offers a full spectrum of supply and engineering services catering to the mining, marines, oil and gas and petrochemical industries. Aucor Tech offers a comprehensive range of corrosion protection products designed and customised to the specific needs of each client and individual project.


CHERECO SYSTEM is part of COSIPI GROUP, an Italian company that offers innovative solutions for the concrete repair, waterproofing, soil consolidation and also structural and environmental monitoring services. Particularly, with the brand CHERECO SYSTEM, we offer solutions for the repair and protection of reinforced concrete with three product lines:

INJECTION: products and technologies for crack repair and polymers for the repair of structures (epoxy resins, etc.).

WATERPROOFING: products and technologies for waterproofing and the protection against pollutants of reinforced concrete (polyurethane, acrylic, silane, etc.).

CORROSION: Italian distributor of VECTOR CORROSION products and technologies for the prevention / protection against corrosion in reinforced concrete structures. (galvanic anodes, impressed current systems).


Credence Corporation was established in 2008 as an international construction chemical supplier. We mainly partake in importing construction materials from worldwide suppliers to supply customers in Japan. We are the first sacrificial anode supplier in Japan after taking over the Galvashield license, and leads the market with 20 year sof experience in the repair market. 


DAOR E&C is Korean licensee of VSL international, which is a world leading group in the field of engineering and construction having 35 worldwide subsidiaries based on post-tensioning and other state-of the-art engineering technologies. DAOR E&C has much reputable experience in the area of pre-stressing concrete structures such as over 200 concrete box girder bridges, over 20 cable bridges, over 100 repair or retrofit project, over 20 containment structures(tanks for LNG, LPG, silo and nuclear power plant), buildings and heavy-lifting structures, since its establishment in Korea in 1982.


Fortius is active with engineering and selling concrete repair products since 1993. Products for the preservation and rehabilitation of our infrastructure, buildings, etc.

It involves internal and external strengthening with composites (glass, carbon and aramide) and cathodic protection of civil structures. We are supplying materials and knowledge to extend the service life and preserve concrete structures in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg. Support is available in English, French and Dutch from the Belgium main office.


Fosroc is a leading international manufacturer and supplier of high-performance chemicals for the construction industry, with a particular focus on concrete and cement. But we don’t just supply world-renowned products, we deliver complete construction solutions – from advice and training to site support.

A British heritage brand, Fosroc began over 80 years ago and has become the go-to name for construction companies, offering a wide range of products and brands including Nitoproof, Nitoseal, Proofex, Supercast, Conplast and Dekguard.

Fosroc serve customers across a broad range of market segments including transport, utilities, and industrial, through extensive network of offices and manufacturing locations across Europe, Africa, the Middle East, India, North, South and East Asia – with distributor representation across many other regions.


Engineering Company with 50 years  of experience, founded in 1970, with more than 60 technitians and engieers specialized in Corrosion Studies, Corrosion Protection  and Cathodic Protection Systems for underground steel installations (pipelines, gas pipelines, water mains, ore pipelines, alcohol pipelines, fire pipelines in industrial plants, industrial pipes, storage tanks and towers foundations for electrical transmission lines), for submerged steel installations (submarine pipelines, mooring piers, ships, vessels, oil platforms and marine installations in general) and for steel embedded in concrete (industrial, marine, urban and residential concrete structures).

In addition to engineers specializing in corrosion and cathodic protection, IEC has in its workforce engineers with extensive experience in the design, construction, maintenance and repair of concrete structures. We are representatives and distributors of VECTOR services, products and technology in Brazil. In addition to an Engineering Company, we are also a Corrosion and Cathodic Protection School, with a permanent training program for technicians and engineers of all specialties and throughout Brazil. IEC has just published the Second Edition of the book “Sistemas de Proteção Catódica”, with an entire chapter of reinforced concrete structures and use this publication to spread this knowledge with brazilian technicians and engineers. 


MAX FRANK has developed over the decades into an internationally operative group of 17 subsidiaries in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

We have been developing, producing and distributing a wide range of proven products for concrete and reinforced concrete construction for over half a century. The large number of proven products for concrete and reinforced concrete construction and the technological bandwidth of our business units – spacers, formwork technology, reinforcement technology, sealing technology and building acoustics.

 We support our customers through every building phase with a technically sophisticated and intensive intermeshing of industrial production, high-quality products and multifaceted services. Based on our values, we work to build relationships and together with all partners create one common goal. With our services and based on your project - we customise and create optimally adapted and cost-effective solutions for you.



For over 25 years, NDT Corporation has provided nondestructive testing services for all types of materials including concrete, steel, masonry, timber, asphalt, soil, and rock. NDT has successfully completed over 1,000 projects for consulting engineers, public and private owners, contractors, and insurance companies.  As an industry leading testing company, NDT has developed proprietary testing equipment referred to as Sonic/ultrasonic testing.  This system uses a projectile impact energy source and a hand-held sensor array to record direct shear wave and compressional wave information. Energy wave velocities (Pulse Velocity ASTM C597-16) and resonant frequency measurements (Impact Echo ASTM C1383-15) are used to determine the condition (concrete compressive strength) and dimensions of various materials. 

Through many years of testing experience, NDT is proud of our reputation for innovation by developing and upgrading custom non-destructive testing equipment, sensors, and software. Signal conditioning, pre-amplification, filtering, analog/digital conversion, archiving, and field display for quality control is done on a portable computer. NDT also owns and maintains a number of ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems and have decades of experience interpreting low and high frequency data. NDT is a customer-focused firm and fosters long-term relationships by delivering quality services that meet the needs of our clients.


Protector AS, based in Tranby, Norway and their subsidiary company Protector KKS GmbH, based in Affalterbach, Germany, researches and develops high-tech solutions for the remediation of concrete corrosion. The company is a member of AF Group, one of Norway’s largest and most successful contractors. Protector technologies have been deployed worldwide since 1990 for repairing, monitoring and preserving concrete.

We specialise in solving problems concerning corroding concrete structures, while taking into account the costs and risks associated with conventional concrete restoration. Protector has an outstanding position in this market. We are the only provider whose engineers develop, supply and monitor all the components of a cathodic corrosion protection system – including electronics, materials and software. 


Protector AS is a supplier of solutions to monitor and stop corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete. Our products are used in parking houses, quays, tunnels, bridges, offshore installations, apartment buildings, industrial buildings - everything made of concrete. The company is a member of the AF Group, one of Norway’s largest and most successful contractors and it has subsidiaries in Sweden and Germany. 


Specialised Construction Products was established in 2016 to sell niche market products into the Construction Industry. We offer the full range of Vector Corrosion Technologies Products as well as carrying the Agency for FOSROC for Southern Africa. Our target market is the Rehabilitation of Structures, including bridges, water retaining structures, marine structures, industrial plants and any other structures that require repair and protection from chemical or environmental attack. 


Vector Construction is a global leader in preserving concrete structures.  With over 50 years of industry experience, our innovative, cost-effective concrete repair and cathodic protection technologies are developed and installed by dedicated professionals who adhere to the highest standards of safety and service. Vector’s concrete preservation specialists receive extensive training and are committed to solving your unique structural and corrosion challenges. We build long-term relationships with our clients in North America and abroad by delivering innovative solutions that extend the life of structures.


Vector Corrosion Services (VCS) specializes in extending the service life of existing and new structures through nondestructive testing, corrosion engineering, material science, cathodic protection design and structural health monitoring services. As part of your design team, VCS gains a thorough understanding of service life objectives and budget. Utilizing the most modern tools and techniques, our engineers and technicians perform an on-site evaluation and develop a sound understanding of the cause and extent of deterioration. Once we define the durability challenges facing your structures, our experience allows us to implement practical, cost effective repair and rehabilitation solutions.


Vector Corrosion Technologies has provided concrete preservation over the last 50 years. With the largest range of cathodic protection technologies and services to control concrete corrosion, Vector offers an innovative solution for any budget and service life objective. Vector works collaboratively with major engineering consultants, government agencies, private owners and contractors to identify the root cause of deterioration and deliver technically advanced, cost-effective corrosion solutions.


WK E&C was founded in 1999 as a civil construction firm in South Korea. At the moment, the major emphasis of work performed was bridge repair and maintenance work. In the early 2000’s, the company became involved in electrical and architectural work, and rapidly became a specialized bridge builder through constant technical research and development. Now, on the basis of excellent workmanship and cutting-edge technology, WK E&C has achieved 100% sales expansion every year since taking first step in the construction field. 

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