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Detrimental Effects of Anti-Icing Brines on Concrete Durability
By Colin B. Van Niejenhuis and Carolyn M. Hansson
Article published in ACI Concrete International Magazine

Posted: December 10, 2019

RAP 8—Installation of Embedded Galvanic Anodes
By Chris Ball
Presented to members of the American Concrete Institute by J. Christopher Ball, Vector Corrosion Services, Vector Corrosion Technologies, Inc.
Posted: September 30, 2019

When Corrosion Leads to Structural Distress
By Jeremy Horst
Originally Published in Canadian Apartment Magazine
August 6, 2019

By Hamid Khan
Originally published in Concrete Repair Bulletin
January/February 2019 Edition, Vol.32, No. 1

By Dr. Tess Ahlborn
Originally published in Aspire
Winter 2008 Edition

By David W. Whitmore, P.Eng., Vector Corrosion Technologies Ltd., and Chris Ball, Vector Corrosion Services.
Presented by Chris Ball at the Accelerated Bridge Conference in 2015.

By ICRI Committee 160, Sustainability: Donald (Leo) Whiteley (Chair), Kurt Goethert, Fred Goodwin, H. Peter Golter, John Kennedy, Tanya Wattenburg Komas, Jessi Meye, Matthew Petree, Bryan Smith, Shephan Trepanier, David Whitmore and Pat Winkler.

Philadelphia’s Vine Street Expressway has a new bill of health after receiving an Electrochemical Chloride Extraction (ECE) treatment. Read about the rehabilitation process on Roads and Bridges or click the button below to download a copy.

Written by David Whitmore, Professional Engineer and President of Vector Corrosion Technologies, a company that specializes in methods of repair and corrosion protection of reinforced concrete structures. This article was originally published in Concrete Repair Bulletin, July/August 2018. The article is available online at or click below to download a PDF.

Written by David Whitmore, Professional Engineer and President of Vector Corrosion Technologies

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