Beyond the datasheet - Webinar Wednesdays

This Free Webinar Wednesday Program focused on the latest developments in corrosion technologies. Each webinar is 1 hour in length.  Professional development certificates approved by the National Council of Structural Engineer Associations (NCSEA) are available for all participants.

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Beyond The Datasheet

At this time, there are no upcoming Beyond The Datasheet events.

Previous Events

Jun 8, 2022  |  Design Considerations for Galvanic Anodes
David Whitmore, P.Eng
Vector Corrosion Technologies

Description: Over the past 20+ years, Vector Corrosion Technologies has learned a great deal about how galvanic anodes perform, age and protect steel in reinforced concrete over time. Variables like surface to mass ratio of the zinc core, the zinc core activation method and the environmental exposure conditions including the level of chloride contamination, moisture and temperature. In this presentation, Dave will be going beyond the datasheet to explain just how these factors govern the service life of zinc based cathodic protection systems.

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