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Input the volume of concrete into the form below. The form will automatically populate to show you an estimate of the amount of emissions, waste generation and the environmental benefits of concrete preservation vs. demolition.

To create a customized Preservation Impact Statement, first enter the volume of concrete into the form below, click the “Calculate” button then enter your Project Name and Location into the form. You can further customize the form by uploading a picture from your computer. Note: maximum image file size: 2MB or less.

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Material CO2 Emissions Units Reference
Normal concrete 0.13 kg CO2/kg Scrivener 2014
Steel 2.8 kg CO2/kg Scrivener 2014
1 m3 = 1.308 yd3
1 kg = 2.2 lbs
1 metric ton = 1.1 US ton

Create a customized concrete preservation impact statement

Volume of concrete to be preserved
Concrete density
Cement content
Weight % of reinforcing steel
Annual CO2 production per person (US)
Annual CO2 production per person (world)
Cement heat release at 100% hydration
Concrete CO2
Steel CO2
Total Carbon Dioxide
Equivalent to annual CO2 emission of:
NOx (as NO2)
Total Pollutants
Waste Generation
Solid Waste (Rubble)
Cement Hydration
Waste heat from cement production
Waste heat from steel production
Energy (heat generation from cement production, cement hydration, and steel production)
Equivalent energy to boiling
Natural Resources Required
Fine aggregate
Coarse aggregate
Total tons
Potable Water
Equivalent to daily water usage for:

Disclaimer: Calculations are based on the following typical values

Concrete Density
English - 150 lb/ft3
Metric - 2400 kg/m3
Cement Content
600 lb/yd3
350 kg/m2

Note that these values are not direct equivalents and will lead to slight variations in calculated results

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